contact center

The key differences between a call center and a contact center may not be that obvious at first. A call center typically provides inbound and/or outbound telephone outsourcing for clients. A contact center is more holistic to cover all communication channels and prioritizes speed to ensure customer’s needs are met as quickly as possible. Agents in a call center usually handle either inbound or outbound but not both. In a contact center, agents handle both incoming and outgoing communication.

Performance metrics also differ between call centers and contact center. For example, average call-handle-time is a great metric for telephone support but is not for text message support.

Contact centers also provide additional services such as payment processing, custom artificial intelligence such as chatbots, or even self-service interactive voice response (IVR) systems.

Phone support has been the most preferred method to reach a business for many years, but that trend is changing. When looking for an outsourcing partner, look for contact centers that can handle all forms of customer service. Today, there are so many ways to reach a business: email, fax, live chat, mail, social media, telephone, and text message. Not to mention all the methods that will be invented in the future.

It can be overwhelming for a business to keep up with all its incoming channels of communication. Rather than build an entire contact center business, most companies look at outsourcing to a contact center.

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