When considering outsourcing your customer care, many factors come into consideration. Each provider has a unique proposition. The trick is to find the right provider for your needs.

Here are the three C’s of outsourcing:

  1. Cost. The number one factor in the cost of running a customer care center is labor. Is your business located in a labor market with higher than average wages? Is your company’s benefits program structured in a way that requires expensive benefits such as profit sharing or costly insurance and 401k plans? Another expense to consider is rent for facilities. When you outsource, all these individual costs disappear and are replaced with the pre-negotiated price that allows your business to flex with your business needs. Or at least it should! When you outsource, you’re typically sharing a labor pool with other businesses which lowers the amount of downtime for customer care reps and saves everyone money.
  2. Culture. When checking into customer care centers, be mindful of their culture. Look beyond what your salesperson says it will be like to be a client, ask to see the center, listen to sample calls, speak to employees. How does it make you feel engaging with the team? Do you feel like your business will be treated as a priority? Is their style in keeping with your brand messaging? Consider asking for a sample period to test call handling. Even a small increase in contact rates or sales conversions can mean significantly more to your bottom line. Speak with other clients. Are they happy with their service? Is there anything they wish could be different?
  3. Complexity. Outsourcing can give you access to management expertise not otherwise available. Our team has run hundreds of campaigns and handled millions of interactions. We’ve learned a lot and translate this knowledge into actionable strategies for all of our clients. Other considerations include the development and management of your technology stack as well as custom APIs needed to get all your systems to talk to one another. Beyond technology, also take into account compliance and certification requirements. With any solution, make sure your business gets customized training and ongoing monitoring to ensure quality services are provided.

Most companies find that when they outsource their customer care to the right partner, the quality increases while overall costs decrease. The three C’s of cost, culture, and complexity are good to keep in mind when considering outsourcing your customer care.