When is the peak season for an ecommerce company? Typically we think of the fourth quarter during the holiday season, right? Speed Answer knows the response to this question is: not always!

There are many ecommerce companies whose businesses do not center around fourth quarter, gifting, or the holidays. As part of our commitment to our clients’ customers, Speed Answer ensures that we perform consistently year-round, and scale our workforce accordingly to meet our client’s volume, regardless of their “peaks.”

Many contact centers struggle to flex their labor pool up-or-down to meet consistent service level attainment and quality metrics for their clients, especially during peaks. Speed Answer has a built-in labor pool and reliable forecasting models to help meet and exceed your needs for a happy and committed customer base.

Which businesses peak outside the year-end holiday? They are all around us! Companies selling gardening products generally peak in March-June. Ecommerce sites featuring swimwear have a similar March-June peak. Back-to-school retailers are busy July-September. There are many other examples, and Speed Answer is happy to help. We represent your brand with custom/branded scripting and key performance indicator (KPI) attainment regardless of how your call volume dips and rises month-over-month.

And don’t forget, we take-away the problems (hiring, staffing, forecasting, etc.) and let you focus on what you do best: growing your business!