text messaging

Customer service is important to you. Perhaps you’ve implemented email, telephone, social media, or maybe even live chat support. But what about text messaging?

Your customer has their mobile device with them all day long. It is the easiest way to instantly connect and share information. An impressive 98 percent of all text messages are read in the first three minutes, while email rates much lower with only 22 percent getting read at all.

There three main reasons you should consider text messaging for your business:

  1. Increased customer satisfaction. Customers want fast responses to their questions. Your support representatives can manage multiple text streams at any one time. Since their time is not monopolized by one caller, they can provide service to a greater number of customers.
  2. Increased ease of use. All phones have a chat function built into the software of the device. There’s no fumbling around to download an app or learn how to use it. No waiting on hold to speak with an agent. Your customers are already using text messaging.
  3. Increased engagement. Customers are four times more likely to take action on a text message than an email. And they take action shortly after they receive your message. Create meaningful engagements for your customers.

Text messaging can be made even more efficient with textbots. A textbot uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automate standard Q & A or collecting data. Your business might implement a textbot to manage mundane responses and provide outstanding services alongside your customer support.

At Speed Answer, we handle text messaging support for our clients. Our expertise in setting AI chat flow and canned responses is put to good use every day. To learn more about outsourcing your customer care function, let’s chat!