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Arguably, brick-and-mortar retail outlets have been around as long as human society. Visiting a store to touch and feel the product, haggle with the owner, and explore new products has been the norm. With the emergence of ecommerce, shoppers can visit your store in the digital world 24/7/365 from anywhere there’s an internet connection.

But, some retailers have decided to keep to the old ways of staffing their customer care function. This could be hurting their bottom line.

Are your sales suffering because your doors are closed?

Most businesses offer special hours for their customer care operations, such as 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. But what happens when a customer has a question about a product outside your business hours? How many sales are you missing because your customer cannot reach you?

When do most of your online sales occur?

A great place to start to answer this question is to look at existing sales and the time when those sales take place. In ecommerce, roughly 30-40 percent of sales happen outside the traditional business day. If that’s the case, should your customer care function follow your business spikes rather than sticking to an old-fashioned schedule?

Another way to determine when you might be missing out on sales, is to look at your Google Analytics account. When are customer’s viewing your product pages? Are there trends in heavy traffic on specific days or hours? Next look at behavior flow. What pages are users visiting? Are they looking at similar products, then the contact page before exiting? This is a clear sign you’re losing sales because your customer cannot reach you.

When should your customer care operations be open?

In today’s 24/7 online culture, consumers may need help with their order any time of day or night. If they cannot reach you, they may visit a competitor’s site.

Imagine the flip side of this scenario. Say a consumer has a question about a product and their call is answered! They will get their question resolved and be more likely to place their order. That wasn’t possible with your help.

Meet your customers when and where they are.

Providing 24/7/365 service is almost a necessity for any online retailer. With so many ways a customer can reach you from email, live chat, telephone, and more, it may seem laughable to keep your options open all hours. This is where outsourcing proves the best option.

During off-peak hours, the number of inquires may not justify keeping someone on staff. But when you outsource your inbound customer service to a firm like Speed Answer, they have staff on-hand ready and waiting to take all of their client’s calls. It’s like partnering with a neighboring business to share resources, only you’re partnering with industry experts.

Expertise in customer care matters.

In a matter of seconds, your customer care can go from winning to a dud with poor service. Poor service is almost as bad as no service. Consumers will likely tell their friends and family, and possibly share on social media, when they encounter terrible customer service.

This is where outsourcing is a clear choice for your customer care function. The management team at Speed Answer has decades of experience dealing with every scenario imaginable in customer care. They handle everything from telephone support to social media and can expertly intercept and manage challenging situations.

Some tricks in their toolbag include live-monitoring of representatives. At Speed Answer, supervisors randomly drop-in on telephone calls, live chats and read emails. When a problem is spotted, management may barge in on a call to provide correct information or stop a situation from escalating. Representatives have their performance reviewed regularly and receive coaching and feedback.

All this adds up to a great customer care experience that makes your company look and sound professional!

When is it time to outsource?

The best time to outsource your customer service function is before you run into trouble. If you’ve started feeling overwhelmed with your current setup or need to expand your hours of operation, these are clear indicators that outsourcing is the next step. Ready to give it a try? Contact us to get started!