call center lingo

It can be confusing and overwhelming to decipher the lingo associated with call centers or customer service centers. In this series, Speed Answer will explore industry jargon and do our best to eliminate confusion.

Let’s start with dispositions. So, what are dispositions? Dispositions are a list of pre-determined categories which customer service representatives use to organize and tag each customer service interaction. Common dispositions may include:

  • Placed an order
  • Checked on the status of an order
  • Purchased product with a coupon or marketing code
  • Product exchange requested

Dispositions provide direct customer feedback on your products or services and are a way to help manage your business accordingly.

Speed Answer dispositions every contact inside our environment. Before taking a client live with our services, such as inbound calls, outbound calls, live chat, and email support, we review a list of standard dispositions with the client and add new ones that fit the client’s needs. Our representatives are trained on when and how to use each disposition code.

This rich data is monitored and reported to our clients regularly. We analyze shifts in their disposition volume, such as increasing defective product returns or customers experiencing lag while on the client’s website, so that we can take action on trending concerns.

We have found that disposition data is critical in decision-making. This concept may be new to some clients. Over time, new clients find it provides a great deal of value to their operations.

Are you ready to grow your business? Let us handle staffing and managing your contact center so you can focus on what you do best!