Our Representatives

Our Representatives

Every interaction with your customer determines how they view doing business with you and ultimately if they’ll be back. Invest in professional customer care representation. We take care to ensure every interaction lives up to your standards. Customer Service Representatives at Speed Answer are exceptional professionals. This is what makes our team so special.

Recruitment & Screening

Our representatives are found in America’s Heartland of Missouri and surrounding states. Successful candidates will have completed a situational job duty assessment, typing accuracy and speed tests, an in-person interview, extensive background checks, drug testing, and overall assessment of compatibility with the job.


It takes hundreds of hours to fully training a representative. Our training modules include two-weeks of in-class training, two-weeks of hands-on training in a nested environment, and finally testing and certification for each client before being released on their own. Every 90 days, representatives experience a training refresher.

Quality Assurance

We record and keep all calls for one year. Our quality assurance team listens, evaluates, scores calls, and provides feedback. Each client has their own brand-specific customized quality scorecard. Our representatives flag the primary reason for the call so clients may see areas needing attention, for example, the website is down, or a product issue.

Complaint Resolution

We work with each client to determine how to handle complaints and prepare an appeasement chart. Resolution during the first call is our goal and will work with you on how much representatives can be empowered to assist with issues. When needed, we escalate issues to clients for their review.


Call recordings are reviewed with clients on a regular basis to recalibrate scripts and troubleshoot common issues. During these meetings, our team will recommend ways to improve service and further enhance the partnership.